Stefaan, Victor & Paul

Cruise addicts for many years

The classix cruises team has, in all, more than

50 years of experience in the cruise segment.

Our passion for this travel formula is the driving force to search for a suitable offer and route.

Thus, every cruise adventure becomes an unforgettable experience full of emotions, pampering, experiences and encounters.
Every year we process hundreds of different routes to all corners of this small world, so that we have a broad picture of the offer.

Our personal experience on board the different Cruise Lines and their ships, large and small, allows us to guide you through the offer.

Make a note of the different elements that are important to you:

where do you want to go, what would you like to discover, an encounter with polar bears or penguins, a breathtaking coastline or the intensity of the Fjords. Or are you looking for cultural heritage, the city or region, local culinary indulgence.

Whatever it may be, we'll be happy to help you navigate to the next cruise and make it a full package, tailored to your wishes.

The cruise addicts